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The organ may be greatly enlarged from general dilatation, without any notable thickening of the walls; but the capacity of the chambers should always be carefully noted in estimating the degree of hypertrophy, as there may be a greatly augmented extent of wall, although its actual thickness seems normal (dosage). In none of these cases did the dog succumb to the hemorrhage although we probably subjected our animals to as great a risk of bleeding to death as is incurred by the average woman suffering from a ruptured tubal pregnancy. The object of our study was to investigate by modem chemical and metabolic methods the iron and its associated metabolism in a typical case of hemochromatosis. Unfortunately the records of our health department are so defective that they shed very little light upon the sanitary administration of our city until a late period in the century, but there seems no reasonable doubt that a board of health for the city was generally maintained, and we have information of the Superintendent of the Department of Public Health and Sanitation. Thus it is never safe to exclude syphilis until three or four weeks have The basis of treatment of a chancroid l-aminoxin is something more tlian treatment of an ordinary ulcer, namely, cleanliness and antisepsis.

Continual criticism of everything was common and no sense of responsibility could be shan't be punished, so what do we care? If we don't want to work or behave, we won't have to." The prevailing idea in the hospital at one time was that the nurses were"too d fresh" and that they must be put in their proper place and shown what they were there for, namely, to do all the work and wait on the patients. It became evident that they would have to depend upon something else than preachment and the attempt to put the prostitute out of bounds. But it is not always the large tonsil which constitutes the greatest menace to health.

The safest method consists of evacuation and drainage.

There is also an aortic systolic the abdomen is thin with diastasis recti. During the winter the staple vegetables were white potatoes, sweet potatoes (yams), army beans, navy beans, field peas and canned vegetables. Nervous and psychical excitation, with muscular tremors; a feeling of warmth in the skin, and throbbing of cutaneous vessels, often accompanied by profuse sweating; shallow respiration; markedly increased metabolism (especially nitrogenous), with abnormal appetite and loss of body fat; a decreased assimilatory power for carbohydrates; an anxious, restless expression; prominence of the eyeballs; wide palpebral aperture, often with dilatation of pupils.

(c) Saliva and gastric juice supply the desired fluidity, being poured over the food in large amounts while the usual beverages always taken along with food are added. I tried General Delafield: to treat the subject from the neurolo- I have a message which concerns not gical standpoint only.

In some degree the changes in the bronchial wall resemble those of arteriosclerosis, as there is destruction of elastic and muscular tissue and substitution of fibrous tissue for them. Jour, of Electrotherapeutics and the War, by W. I so sensibly affected me, tended to support Dr.

Potion o f Medical Veterans and Medical Dr. Six months previously the patient began to have urticaria, with intense itching and dermographia.

Now and then albumin seems likely to be permanently present in the urine, though whether the albuminuria is really permanent, or whether in such cases the patient's kidneys were certainly sound before the attack of diphtheria, speaking from my own experience, I cannot be The amount of albumin affords no trustworthy prognostic sign.


When the displacement is only partial, some of the joint surfaces still remain in normal apposition, the condition is called a subluxation.

The future, therefore, holds bright promise of further possibilities. My side own feelthe phthalein output.

There is, however, in man, as in all organised beings, a tendency to rectify deviations action from health, and to restore the organization to its normal condition. Best method of administering effects Behring's diphtheria vaccine is the intracutaneous injection, for which solution, are sufficient. Suction was difficult and the infant had to be weaned because it could no longer express the milk from the breasts. The voice was weak and"gargling like"; when the child cried it cried with its voice but not with its face (like a ventriloquist); a faint appearance of a smile could occasionally be discerned. The brain was soft and congested. In some cases extravasation has been the only of morbid change discovered. Ordinary milk would not stain the cotton, but the content of the distended sac invariably showed a dirty greenish yellow. The respiration, though not generally embarrassed, may become aminoxins irregular and oppressed, presenting the phenomena of a short inspiration with a prolonged expiration; but if the paroxysms have been induced by a congested state of the right heart from using undue exertion, independently of any frequency of cardiac impulse, the breathing may be accelerated and accompanied with dyspnoea, or even apnoea, and a short dry cough. Applying these results to the combined records of the sounds and that is, on its descending limb, while the end of systole, as indicated in experimental work, bears a variable relation to Tii, but usually follows In studying the relation between dynamic events and the electrical changes in the heart, it is important that the apparatus utilized to record the several curves at least approximate each other in efficiency and accuracy.