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It may be that we have already in our possession criteria in the appearance of the blood itself to enable us to distinguish pernicious anaemia from any secondary anaemia, but certainly in regard to chlorosis In such divisions, therefore, as we find it best to make between the different varieties of anaemia our appeal must be made partly to the etiology, the symptoms, and the course, as well as to the blood itself, though in many (perhaps most) cases it is the blood examination that Bearing these facts in mind, we may classify the anaemia.- as follows: Such terms as"simple primary anaemia" and"splenic anaemia" are misleading, and should be discarded.

Apropos to this point, comes the explanation of the seeming benefit derived from giving iodine, iodide of potash, nitrate of potash, tobacco ashes, calomel, and various vegetable and mineral agents used from antiquity to the present time, in all climes, in the treatment of the various classes of snake poisons.

Before applying the plaster one must be careful to check all hemorrhage and to dry the skin thoroughly with alcohol or ether. He was brought to me and I found that his headaches, inflamed eyes, etc., and buy poor vision, were due to the fact that his oculist had ordered full mydriatic-correction lenses.

Nephrectomy is certainly easier than the conservative operation in cases of large branched stones. Ideas are to tlie different states of the brain what words are to thing?; the names of these states, in one sense. The causes producing this melancholy fatality are still operating, as they always will in this variable climate.


The latter procedure was chiefly useful for determining the character of this fluid. Continued "ascorbic" and prolonged rest in bed is necessary.

At all times, it is the duty of the physician to notify the properly constituted public health authorities of every case of communicable disease under his care, in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the health authorities of the locality in which the patient is.

Chorea, both major and minor, is much more common in girls than in boys and one can frequently price get a history of neurotic disorders in other members of the patient's family, such as insanity, epilepsy and chorea itself. He was inclined, however, to accept the explanation just given. In all of the unaccountable assumption characterizing Dr.

In conclusion, gentlemen of the Association, -I appeal to you in the name of over-burdened pupils and care-worn teachers to inves best thought, and to use your influence energetically for reforms that will correct the evils of our educational methods. I found the arm horribly mutilated; the humerus had given way one inch above the elbow joint; the skin at the shoulders, the muscles, tendons, nerves, and bloodvessels, yielded at their weaker points; tegufiients together, which united readily, and discharged him io fourteen days, well.

It may kill if fired at a person at close range, and probably every busy eye specialist who has been in practice for several years has seen numerous eyes that have been injured or lost through the use of the air rifle in the hands of young America. I have thought of using the nail extension method, employed for the treatment of fractures, but each and every 500 one of these had to be discarded, because, after all, the best extension is the ordinary adhesive plaster extension. The distention has varied somewhat from time to time, but there have been long periods in each case in which the distention showed little variation, and a return to normal abdominal conditions was never witnessed. Possibly we may in the course of time arrive at a true definition of the condition: nz. Potain found patches of aortitis localized exactly at the orifice of the coronary arteries, and Huchard depicts cases of occlusion of the orifices of the coronaries by plaques of atheromatous matter.

In some passes to the kidneys, so that its diuretic powers prevent tbe acids from (becoming deposited, and from remaining in the system; and hence, affeclioos, and may be recommended to be employed with the food, but, tbe nervous system, and prevent the tbsues and organs from being sensible to their usual stimulus. My opinion is that acid intrauterine washing, except under the circumstances alluded to, is useless.

This makes a vaginal and a rectal flap, each of which can best be handled with a"T" forceps, as more pointed instruments tear the tissues. In the latter case there are also alterations in the relative dulness wdiich will be considered (A) It is not uncommon to find with the lungs in an otherwise normal condition an enlargement of the absolute cardiac flatness in persons who have breathed superficially for a long time. These positive bacteria were almost exclusively slightly curved rods, ends of these rods were sometimes rounded and sometimes pointed. It will be observed by the advertisement in our Journal, that a number of medical gentlemen in the north part of our city have procured a commodious room for the purpose of receiving pupils, who will be conducted through a systematic course of medical education. He concluded by emphasizing the inestimable value of these experiments if they Dr.