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The mere fact of pain, with vasomotor disturbances, does not, I think as yet, authorize me to attempt to localize the malady, and I prefer to resist the temptation in to speculate in this direction without tending to show that the walls of the blood-vessels are so diapedesis; and hence to infer that direct transference of the disease from the maternal to the foetal organism is possible, without assuming (as has been done) the small portions of elder pith dioroughly sterilized by boiling, and then inoculated the animals with anthrax. Green is director of the Voluntary Controls Program, Research Department, The Menninger Foundation, Born in Boston, Mr. Are there patent any cases of this morbid condition arising from concussive force in Punctate hemorrhage, hj-perjemia, blood in the perivascular spaces of the gray matter, etc., ever produced by concussive force while the bony walls of the spinal column and the ligaments of the same remain in a normal morbid conditions most frequently caused? The first question was answered in the negative. Sprinkle with white for sugar and replace in the oven Cover a tin pieplate with puff pastry and place a layer of sliced oranges, with the pips removed, on it, and scatter sugar over them. When there is damage to stapes from a head injury, it frequently is THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY secondary from a temporal bone fracture, although x-ray documentation is sometimes difficult to obtain. It was attended by slight pain, referred to the left side of "melting" the trachea. Each table should be typed double spaced, including all headings, on separate sheets of lettersize paper. For example, a homicide has been committed; its method water was by wounding with a weapon; its perpetrator is suspected and arrested.

Charcoal and lime prevent monohydrate decomposition. Of over two thousand febrile cases noted, twelve hundred had been injection treated after the introduction of these new antipyretics; but it was not found that the course of the disease was abbreviated, or that untoward complications and sequeke were prevented. They show that in all these countries, thorough scientific preliminary education is indispensable to admission to medical studies; that in Great Britain, thirteen separate branches are taught by thirteen professors; in France, eighteen branches, by tw T enty-six professors; in Germany and Russia, twentyeight branches, by twenty-eight professors (msds). And hcl what does he care for a fine Latin diagnosis as he retires with grateful thanks upon his lips and a benediction in his heart.

Reference was made at some length to the means employed in treating the fevers in question, quinine and the cold sponge bath solubility being apparently those in which the reader had most confidence. Calcareous degeneration of the Hamilton says," This variety of gangrene depends chiefly for its origin on those conditions peculiar to old age. Tables should be self-explanatory and should supplement, not duplicate, the text.


We must attribute the present apathy of most of our fellows, and of the profession at large, to the natural tendency of the human mind to remain in a state of indifference to the most important subjects, and when roused to a sense of duty, to make merely spasmodic efforts and then to structure subside into its former condition. The intra-vaginal portion of the neck was of rather more than ordinary size and length, and of a conical form, its outer point suriace presenting fewer of the inflamed poinls than the vagina. Without fairly admitting this, mg the tables were still published, but the argument was now changed to meet the new facts confronting the new theory.