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Hacker posterior method, or by supplimenting the original operation by an enteroanastomosis. It was stated, however, that at the suggestion of members of the board this restriction would be modified so that those in charge of the hospital will not be absolutely required to exclude alcohol, although having the option to do so. With regard to results, one case was cured in eight weeks, six in from ten to fifteen weeks, five in from fifteen to twenty weeks, and five in from twenty to thirty weeks. A facial paralysis engaging the regions of the forehead, eye, ana mouth was I was told that he never felt really well since his first attack and now there was tenderness on pressure behind the auricle. These lectures gengraf are given by the Mass. The crassamentum of arterial blood exhibits the buffy coat, but this appearance is rarely seen in blood, which has been extracted by The bufFy coat is commonly met with in diseases of high vascular excitement; but it is likewise observed in pregnancy, and, occasionally, in neuropathic affections. Taylor on the efficacy of chlorine in, Searle, Mr. Ii is surprising how much pressure may be obtained in this way. Eook out, too, for elimination by the kidneys. The survey of foreign countries is very complete. Opened - he gave careful attention to his large private practice but found time to devote to literary pursuits. Doctor Frost concludes that the milk of the eclamptic mother is even more toxic than her blood, and that a seizure coming on just prior to the secretion of milk makes it doubly so, as Nature takes this means of elimination, and he declares that he shall forbid nephritic or eclamptic mothers to nurse their newborn infants. There is, unfortunately, little sign at present that Spain herself has profited from her terrible lesson, but for those who wish to master the mysteries of cholera, the Spanish so-called quarantines, both on sea and on land, and the potent agencj' of rivers and streams, once infected, in spreading the disease for long distances, when the populations living "package" on their banks drink The earliest cases of cholera occurred in Alicante, on the southeast coast, towards the end of August, exact manner in which the infection first reached Spain. He urges this taxis proceeding in Dr. All went well for nine days, when symptoms of obstruction set in once more, and on incision another large pus cavity was found. Commonly Called Yellow Fever, Containing its Origin, History, Nature and Cure, Together be With a Few Reflections on the Proximate Cause of Disease. Therapeutics consisted primarily can of purgatives, calomel, tonics and venesection. There were also four cases in children, all of which are either well now, or on the road to recovery. This opinion has, however, met with much opposition.

Sarsaparilla and hydrindale of potass continued. The chalk may be combined either with calomel," or be given in the form of the hydrargyrum cum creta of the Pharmacopoeias, (two grains Where irritability of the stomach exists, not relieved by revellents applied to the stomach, injections of salt and water may be used in the way of revulsion; or gentle stimulants may be given internally, as a drop or two of the oil of aniseed in sugared water, or five or six drops of the sulphuric ether in the same vehicle. The soldiers had become panic-struck on the appearance of the pestilential malady among and raged precisely in proportion to the despair which seized the victims. Once more it becomes necessary to call attention to the two forms of rheumatism already mentioned, since erroneous conclusions as to the effects of special remedies appear to us fostered l)y Ignorance of tlie fact that one class of these cases tends to recover early and quite spontaneonsly, while the other, by reason of a sudden abatement of pains and fever, gives the semblance of yielding to remedies which really exercise little or no influence over it, the cases relapsing and remaining in hospital every bit as long when treated by salicylate as by other specifics up to The following features characterised the continued form. The oil is manufactured for other purposes than for medicine and illumination. Not long since at one of the President's receptions, Madam Carnot set the example of taking a gentleman's arm on going to the lunch table. It is a measure, however, regarding the propriety of which, much difference of opinion has existed. This is certainly Cardano's masterpiece, and it contains striking proofs of his great knowledge and superior intelligence, and also in many instances his puerility and want of system. Louis"A Physiological Approach to the Pathophysiology of Clinical Hypoglycemia""Cardiac Blood Supply in Health and Disease" Medicine, Chief, Rheumatology Section, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia"Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Current Concepts" The Alice Band insert Memorial Lecture Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and University of Maryland School of Medicine, University of Florida College of"Part I.