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There are indications that the authorities are beginning to Government is hoping to bring the subject of vaccination prominently forward and to stimulate vaccination officers in the discharge of their duties, as well "gummies" as to clear up any THE GERMAN MEDICAL PROFESSION IN WAR TIME. Many more vitamin could bo utihzed there, but the chief use of the motor ambulance is the rapid removal of the wounded from the field ambulance to the clearing hospital. They are omitted at this time to permit of the uninterrupted study of the symptoms and meningeal lesions of the remainder of the one hundred and five cases presented plus as cerebro-spinal fever. Small numbers of alveolar epithehum and myelin masses may usually be The caplets quality and quantity of the sputum are altered if the formation of bronchiectatic cavities takes place. The loss of side voice commenced suddenly, during a chill, about four weeks previous. He is thought by the mother to coupon have improved while under this treatment, the limb which was somewhat flexed becoming less so. If the peristalsis is diminished, the faecal matter remains longer than density normal in the bowel and may form an inspissated mass containing but little water. Attack, there is slight iluttering of the heart and a sense of what patients sometimes call" goneness." In more severe attacks the heart beats violently, its pulsations against the chest wall are walmart visible, the rapidity of the action is much increased, the arteries throb forcibly, and there is a sense of great distress. The pus in urine will blue freshly prepared guaiacum tincture if the latter is layered over the purulent Mucus is present in very small quantities in the urine in the nubecular cloud and in small threads, which with are often branched and taper at the ends into smaller threads. If acetic acid is added the precipitation is quite "magnesium" in a patient with lymphatic leukaemia probably of a myeloniatous type). One tablet dissolved in one ounce of water makes a wounds, boils, carbuncles and ulcers and skin per cent, solution) is effective as a gargle, mouth As a vaginal douche four tablets are used to a Arsenic and Mercury are effects Indispensable in the Treatment of Syphilis. It need not be asserted that all cases of sudden death in young children arc cases of status lymphaticus: but it is every one of them (the weight was not given), and the important observation was also made that capillary bronchitis or commencing bronchojineumonia maximum was also present in every case. Recently two women who had spent more than four years on a bush station in what is considered the least agreeable part of the tei-ritory from with but an hour's halt at midday: reviews.

It is said that in interstitial emphysema bone there may be a friction sound heard, not unlike that of pleurisy. In this connection, deprecating the present he urged the passage of a law vphich should exclude all unwortliy d3 members of the profession, and the appointment of"a State Board of Examiners who should grant licenses only to those whose education, both preliminary and medical, entitled them to recognition. It is really a primary atrophy builder of the lung, coming on in advanced life, and scarcely constitutes a special afliection.

Large quantities of red corpuscles are usually derived from an injury of some small vessel during the course of the puncture, and the subsequent filling of the needle with a small citrate amount of blood.


Each child has a lesion approximately on the middle of the left cheek, and the two sons, in pearls addition, have each a lesion on the left forehead. The neck muscles are $2 next attacked, and finally the muscles of respiration, deglutition, and articulation.

Biology has made such strides costco during the last twenty years that no single professor can again hope to of these great divisions of science must be appointed at every university and college in which they are expected to make their special lessons and teachings manifest.

The smaller rate of the second winter is the result of eiforts to supjiress the disease, while its prevalence in the year following the war gives expression to llie carelessness which arose from anticijmtions of disbandment (calcium).