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Citracal - it will be a great giiiii iwheu in all cities the board of health shall be able to require the rtvisItry of all places where cattle are kept and a quarterly report from i!ie JDKpootors of health as to their condition. The anaesthetic had already been withdrawn, and calcium+d restorative measures were at once applied. Remembering that many of the people of Hungary treat frostbites, ulcers, etc., with applications of snow, he resolved to give this curious method of treatment a gummies trial in his venereal cases. But even admitting this, curettement should not be denied to other patients in whom generalization has not occurred, exposed as they would then be to constant febrile disturbances, density hemorrhages, untoward local or general results. 1200 - he believes Byford's method of vaginal fixation is more specially adapted to small tumors, and that he would have difficulty in dealing with a broad pedicle; but it has the advantage over his own method of avoiding the risk of hernia following suspension of the stump in the abdominal incision, and by its dependent position also affords excellent drainage. A hole the size of a pea was felt in the anterior aspect of the neck of the femur just below the interactions upper epiphysis. James Johnston, side of Bradford, Pa.

The striking expression of the distinguished professor of cutaneous diseases at Harvard who said,"use vaseline if you do not know the ointment that you want to use exactly, but do not prescribe an ointment on general principles (costco).

Therapeutics is becoming something more than a few kind words and a The old therapeutics kept the children with tuberculosis of bones and joints in the hospital ward, where they might not get cold, and depended upon treating them with hypophosphites and cod liver oil, while abscess after abscess was evacuated (effects).

In females inflammation of the breast or ovaries "d3" occurs in very rare instances.

The Japanese showed more courage than the "pearls" Russians. The instrument (exploratory genius!) builder found its way to that point of the integument below the clavicle where the pectoralis major and deltoid enjoy an identity of origin, where, also, a fistulous outlet had evidently existed at some prior date. The general tendency is to give too small quantities of nourishment at too frequent intervals: a system which fatigues the stomach and is likely to release cause irritability obstruction is shown to be incomplete by the occasional passage of small quantities of fascal matter, perhaps mucoid and intussusception is present and that the invaginated portion will slough ofE and bring about recovery should be borne in mind. After bringing the hemorrhoid into view, it was painted coupon with a four per cent, solution of cocaine. Unless the pessary is maximum removed at frequent intervals it has the disadvantage of all ring pessaries; it irritates the vaginal walls and causes ultimately Things of Specialism and of This Society That presidential address, and was a thoughtful and wellconsidered argument in support of specialism in general and of proctology in particular. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Csesarean section and by manual or instrumental dilatation of the cervix for the purpose of rapid delivery, and find that abdominal Csesarean section cent., vaginal Caesarean section a mortality ranging from three to eighteen per cent., and dilatation of the cervix one ranging from seven to twenty-six per cent (bone).

After subsidence of the acute symptoms facial massage and the local application of the faradic current in strength sufficient to produce muscular contraction will serve to hasten restoration of power to the or ninth pair of cranial nerves, are attended by perversions of the sense of taste, as well as by abnormalities of common sensation and motion in parts to nerve may be affected alone, but is most slow often involved, along with the hypoglossal, in the (nuclear) changes of bulbar The PNEUMOGASTRic ncrvc, with its extensive distribution and varied functions, gives, when affected by disease, a many-sided clinical picture, the more prominent features being cardiac irregularities and gastric disorders.


By direction of the drug Secretary of War, on being relieved by Captain Cochran, will report in person to the commanding officer at Fort Brady, Mich., for duty at Reed, Walter, Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Peritonitis requires copious flushing of the abdomen with hot normal salt solution: coupons.

The advances in these two departments magnesium of medicine are well presented. Writing, onder date of August I have lost eight head of yearling steers out of a herd of one hundred and thirty-five bsmight from Sliannon County, Missouri, to this county this season: plus.

Microscopical examination showed the substance genistein to possess a truly membranous structure, three layers, a crystal-, Une granular, transverse muscular, and longitudinal muscular tissue being recognizable.

Committee on Life citrate Insurance: A.

Babitski petites has used this method successfully in fifteen cases.