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In all cases the addition of either pepsin or pancreatin, or the simultaneons exhibition of malt extract, will materially enhance the bismuth effects, and we therefore submit this proposition to the profession in the firm belief that it will prevent much disappointment on the part of ghysicians cats and patients: That bismuth preparations act as disinfectants in the alimentary canal is freely admitted, but that they stimulate or measurably improve tne digestive function proper there is room for serious doubt, and it would be well, therefore, in estimating the therapeutics' of the remedy to take into consideration the physical demands of the patient. Comby reports the occurrence, m a case of lead poisoning, of a symmetrical enlargement of the parotids, side soft, painless, and persistent, and running REFEREKCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. The return to the normal rate induced in many cases by review rest, when fewer claims are made on the heart, and the continuance of the normal pulse after digitalis has been discarded certainly suggest that, like the dilatation of the cavities, the rapid heart-rate in cases of inefficiency is due in large part to malnutrition. In the proposed distribution of out-pensions the Admiralty in their bill proceed on the assumption thst those classes only should benefit who lose by the bill a few sinecure appoijitments: 75.

The murmur is loudest over the base; it can be heard distinctly all 50 over the anterior portion of the chest and faintly behind.


Its "10" composition is not well known, though it yields a peculiar camphor known as Patchouli camphor. Potassa gives, with corrosive sublimate, a yellowish one; mg ammonia, a white; lime-water, an orange; and sulphuretted hydrogen, a black. From this he fancies some of the elements necessary to the producti(m of the disease were carried there in the ship, for wliile in Corea many of the crew had suffered with a sort f)f sub-acute pharyngitis, and the trip up the Yaig-Tse-Kiang followed immediately after the return from Corea (25). The mouth is, without doubt, frequently the direct source of the wikipedia infection, for in many diseases it offers conditions peculiarly favorable to bacterial multiplication.

I find cases of neurasthenia, etc., that will not yield to the above treatment, but by getting the minute history I find some financial trouble, some skeleton in 50mg the family closet or some hereditary taint that no medicine will reach, but even then the treatment outlined above will do more for such patients than anything else I can Nitro-hydrochloric acid is another remedy that I use very extensively, but I use this mostly in cases where a faulty digestion is combined with an inactive liver, and its effects are often very gratifying.

He understood the synthesis of ocd success. Tlie white portions for consist mostly of spindle-.shaped cells. COCHLEA'RE, Coch'lear, Cochlea' Hum, from called from its resemblance (anafranil). The patient appearance at birth, when the sight was dimmed and a whitish hydrochloride appearance wiis noticed through the jiupil. Also in the subacute and chronic forms and in arthritis lithium, a remedy which rapidly alleviates and "(anafranil)" in the majority of instances cures unless marked anatomical alterations exist in the joints. These subjoined facts are noted liy Fournie: That the functions of the cereljral jjowers of relation, the cerebral functions of reproduction and nutrition, represent all the possil)le transformations produced in the lirain in tation motrice." This"incitation preo motrice" is the functional product of the l)rain, and is also given: at the same time that it gives its produced function the brain does not cease to lie a living special organ, that Ls to say, an organ perceiving and recollecting. Especially is this true when the all important dogs question of treatment is to be considered. It is not the mineral stroma which is attacked, but the cells of osseous tissue (effects). The coronary artery was found obstructed by sr an emliolus.

The question of health affects not Chicago or Baltimore alone, but every community, and it is but natural "antidepressant" to expect that those who have charge of matters pertaining to the health of communities should see to it that laws are advocated and strenuously urged until they hecome enacted for the public good.