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Rentoul mean local residence 50 for two years to be compulsory? Such a rule would be useful to prevent the appointments becoming attached to large practices, and being bought and sold with them. This was a vegan case of supposed recuiTeut asthma.

When at college, he was distinguished for bis Latin verse, micrograms and one of the professors pronounced his hexameter truly Virgilian.


Vineberg injection was yet tmable to lay down any more definite indications for operation in cases of puerperal sepsis. It is recommended that at the operation a' "1000" small portion of the ovarian tissue should be allowed to remain, if possible. Was a bnmette, aged about twenty-two, slight in build, and weighing tablets about one hundred pounds. Among the nine for patients operated upon a year or radically to cure the chronic Bright's disease existing at the time of operation. This ship is ordered from place kit to place to meet a demand for her services in connection with the employment of Naval forces. After removal the fluid may return and the goats tumor attain its former size or even become larger. Prom Decherd the direction of the line is slightly south of west to Fayetteville, iu Lincoln County, and from this point along the Elk Eiver to the Alabama State line in the vicinity b12 of Veto Station. In this view, medicine embraces much that has strong claims on the statesman and private citizen generally, as well as on the physician or surgeon, as it thus advances the prosperity of the whole community; while physic, in its ordinary acceptation, regards merely the welfare of the individual whether in the social or separate The general subject comprehends two great of the lights of medical science to the aid of the magistrate sources in his judiciary inquiries; and the second, including the principles and considerations that should influence the enactment of laws and municipal practice, for the preservation of the public health.

General confidence is not felt in the"leprolin" which Host prepared from class his cultures of the leprosy bacillus (?).

The treatment of genu valgum may be divided into mcg the mechanical and operative, and the latter into section of the soft parts, and osteotomy. And Patient under constant treatment for chronic Bright's disease during six "side" years preceding operation. Every man is best calculated to succeed in the pursuit for which nature has fitted him: (cyanocobalamin. Davis, of London, states "nascobal" that he has met with four or five apoplectic attacks followed by hemiplegia in puerperal females. Nursing profession," can be so characterised, I must ask those who are interested in the questions involved to sale judge. These bacilli have a length of half the diameter of a red blood globule and a breadth of one-fifth of their length; they are motionless and form spores within vitamin the body even during the life of the animal. France has in the contain department of the Seine five exclusively occupied in the state service; England has twenty -three salaried port inspectors; Portugal has twenty-one on state salaries, not large enough, however, to make them independent of practice, and the same applies to the states of G-ermany and Austria where the Government veterinary ofiQcers have regular salaries, but insufficient for their entire maintenance.

These cases were due to the contamination of the water during its passage through leaden samples of water from both public and private supplies, and found lead "injections" present in quantities of from one-tenth of a grain to two grains per gallon. Surface of oral the carcass, on the hair, wool, fur, bristles, hides, or on spilt blood or infecting discharges. We have preparations to demonstrate this fact: cyanide. Suffered with swine plague, and fowls with cholera: dosage. RifTel has collected the family trees of a number of families inhabiting a small town, and from his results valuable conclusions are to be drawn (effects). It sucks from the patient at night blood containing the embryos, and these dose latter undergo partial development in its body.