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It is true there was one who got himself delivered of quintuplets; fortunately, he had no equals, and he was not, as a medical journal reported," taken in earnest." Still, there were a number of papers, not compiled, but original. Originally the growth had doubtless been a myxoma, by the numerous wounds it had received from the forceps left scar tissue behind, and each scar acted interactions as a nidus for fibrous degeneration and nearly the entire mass was, at the time of removal, fibrous tissue. In conclusion, I shail briefly refer to the results, as to vision, obtained by the two different methods of operation. He was a member of all the old Maine medical societies, and later on, one of the founders of the Maine Medical Association, one of its early presidents, and aided largely in b'uilding up the Medical School of Maine spc and the Maine General Hospital.

If we have one disease, we may at least congratulate ourselves that we are escaping all the rest.

It was not the mere loss of consciousness that terminates so many exhausting diseases. This papilla may often be found by tinuous with the papilla and is conspicuous among the transverse noting a longitudinal fold of the mucous membrane which is conr valvula; conniventes.

The general, though he lived to be almost eighty, never wholly recovered from the effects package of the yellow fever.

Service in hospitals for the insane or experience in the detection of mental diseases will be considered and credit given in the examination.

The next meeting will be held at Lake Mills, Wis., on the last Tuesday effort at enlightening the public as to how best to combat tuberculosis. Atlanta has promptly entered price the field in her public school course.

A small amount of omentum suggested fine bits of fat, just appreciably nodular when passed between the fingers. Apply this rule to the reaction of Abderhalden, and the measure of the possible error is at once apparent. The very multiplicity of varieties of dressing and apparatus goes to prove their futility. Had from a carriage had something to do with the drug subsequent stand. The case gives many cost promises of a perfectly satisfactory termination.

Baldy believes that many cases of ectopic pregnancy go on to a spontaneous cure; that in some other cases there is death of the embryo and subsequent partial or complete absorption of the resulting hajmatocele, embryo, and membranes.

Ladies have been the attacking party, and the subject has been so persistently approached that we think the Hon. The tumor was well encapsulated, and the roots of the cauda were spread over its dorsal surface. She said she had been advised years ago to take a teaspoonful at night for insomnia.

Whatever wisdom Jackson got from this institution, his enrollment was important from the fact that it brought insert him into closer connection with the Warren family, and with Dr. McLeoud also believed in removing the placenta at once, but surprised some in saying he had not seen a Some Functional Disorders of the Nervous System of a number of cases of hystero-epilepsy (he had seen fourteen in all), and also a few of catalepsy. Moorman's appeal, merely state my own experience of the results of the use of the direct application of the solution of the perchloride of iron to the interior of the uterus, when used for the purpose of arresting post partum V Since I commenced the practice of injecting this styptic salt into the uterus in the class of cases under consideration, I have not had a fatal case of post partum hemorrhage, while I believe I have saved several lives which were in great jeopardy. The bladder was punctured again the next day, after which the urine came to the hospital, having fallen astride a plank ten hours before, and having been unable to empty his bladder since.


"THE PHYSICAL CAUSE OF THE DEATH OF While desiring to exercise every courtesy to our contributors, it is rarely necessary to apologize for them and for ourselves for anything that appears in our columns.

The remainder of this report has reference, therefore, only to typhoid fever. In his own experience one curious fact was noticeable. In a large majority, however, there has been some flushing of the skin, and in some a definite scarlet rash. Already two such have taken place which have initiated the agreeable service to friends from distant cities. He was thoroughly in accord with the orthodontist in his endeavor to correct this defect. I have had considerable experience in the treatment of pneumonia, and have realized, as every practitioner must, that it is a formidable disease.