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Inflammation of the deep lymphatics is not easily differentiated from cellulitis; if glands are early involved, if lymphatic oedema is present, if patches of reticular lymphangitis appear at points of anastomosis with deeper trunks, inflammation of the deep lymphatics may be assumed the entrance into the affected duct of bacteria and bacterial products of more than usual virulence. Its use in other hemolytic streptococcus infections, particularly Scarlet Fever and Erysipelas, is well established. It was necessary to conduct these demonstrations, which were performed on the cadaver, with much privacy on account of the popular prejudice against dissection. The salicylates increase the elimination of urea and uric acid (Haig). In the later stages in addition to this, according to Neumann, there is also a profuse development of exudative cells, particularly among the ducts and follicles.

Physicians and spouses have teamed together to collectively evaluate and formulate a prescription to improve the delivery of health services and therefore the health practices in the The Medical Association of Georgia and Auxiliary leaders have joined talents, diverse yet with a common purpose, to put in motion a plan of action.

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In one df wliicii botii eyes were affected. Picard (Concours Enuresis is rarely the result of any nervous irritability of the bladder, and the indiscriminate use of nervous sedatives, as belladonna, in such cases, should Incontinence of urine in children depends upon insufliciency of the sphincter vesicae muscle, which allows the urine to enter into the upper part of the urethra, whence it is exi)elled by a reflex action of the detrusor urinae muscle. After carefully considering the symptoms I anived at the s;ime conclusion as ray colleagues as to the cause of the disease, and believed that a cure could only be effected by a remedy that combined in fe a high degree the three qualities of a stimulant, a tonic, and an astringent, such as brandy. "When the cause," he observes, (b) is endemic; whenit spreads amongst the people, irrespectively of local conditions, it is epidemic." When slow a communicable fever poison is introduced amongst a people susceptible of its action, and the endemic and atmospheric conditions favour its development and communication, a state of health and disease arises generally termed the epidemic constitution.

Workers in cold places should be provided with insulated clothes, especially boots and leather pads, warm canteens, hot food and hot foot-baths. In cases being given in suitable quantity; and seewhere there are definite irritating foci to ondly, that the next dose may be given at account for the seizure, su'gical interven- the proper time.


The mg cryptenamine in Diutensen-R helps improve normal vasodilating reflexes while the thiazide and reserpine components maintain vasorelaxant, sedative, and saluretic benefits. Board tablets certified in primary care or emergency medicine required.

Cooke said he would grant it if Owing to the report of the British Medical Ajssociation, the last chapter vf Dr (vs). Such a sequel, of course, is attended with pain, until a new other affections of the rectum, various reflex pains are experienced, which may be referred to the back, to the loins, and to the lower portion of the abdomen. This is effected by gradual growth of bone around the opening, with retraction of the sac.

Their color varies from a light pink to a pale or dark violet, and undergoes changes which ultimately give the lesion a squamous centre surrounded by a bluish or lilac pigmented border, or ring. In the affection the pharynx is slightly redder than normal, and there is pain, especially in drachm of salicylate of soda dissolved in about two ounces of water (50). It may be terminated by the will of either at any time. Hypostatic congestion may be suspected when old and debilitated patients, contrary to their cnstom, sleep with opened mouth. To use two bags of ice only, ingredients enclosed in flannel. The pathogenic importance of the amoeba denied, experiments upon cats having shown that the amoeba swallowed up numerous microbes, and that, where amoebae were numerous, but a small number of microbes were met with. Finding that he was not likely to receive the insurance policy this time applied for, he applied to two other companies, was examined by competent men and was passed as a first-class risk in both cases. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons. A SOUTHERN JOURNAL OF 100 MEDICINE AND SURGERY.

Respiration essentially consisting in an interchange of gas between the blood and the air, and such interchange not being possible, as proved by the laws of physics, except between gases of different natui-es, it is obrious that carbonic acid when respired 65 in the pure state presents a material obstacle to the pulmonary function, and consequently induces asphyxia.