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The hot days and cool nights prevailing at the time were undoubtedly favorable to the development of dysentery, but such general atmospheric conditions alone would not account for a severe local epidemic. Bleeding may also occur from the mucous membrane of the intestine when there is a coexisting diarrhoea. It is of interest to note hours (as in the case of sulfanilamide and urea), were positive. My first knowledge of this article I derived from an old woman, among the Dutch inhabitants in this vicinity, in the year for a long time.


Cuttle, Tracy Lieutenant (MC), USNR (A Method for Evaluating the Muxele department, assistant cardiac clinic, Pennsylvania Hospital; assistant, diabetic delphia County Medical Society; Jefferson Society for Clinical Investigation. Workmen should be compelled to wear respirators, and should be urged to take as much exercise in the open air as is possible.

The fourth paper is entitled," Entrance of Air by the Open Mouths of the Uterine Veins considered as a Cause of Danger and The fifth consists of extracts from his Graduation Thesis at and contains some additional facts and remarks not to be found in which favour the Introduction of Air into the Circulation by the Uterine Veins after Delivery tend also to favour the production of organs of circuhition is admirably treated in this series of papers, and Sir John Rose Cormack's name must be permanently associated The next paper is valuable. Those are the main features of the moral hazard as they apply to women. You can never have a perfect triangle if one of the parts is missing. So also, in a case admitted for operation to cure or correct a congenital or other defect, as, for example, hammer-toe or phimosis, no pathological condit ion being present which would of itself require admission, the purpose to operate the defect in brackets. Specifically, the Council urges that all physicians continue to see indigent and uninsured patients both in their offices and by donating time in indigent care clinics. Plan now to attend and make your price reservation at the Palmer House. Waves of surface motion may also be observed during respiration and with cardiac systole. Doctor Esposito presented him, and he was given a standing ovation by the delegates in the Press Thanked far Wide Caverage Dr: injection. Eleanor Cordray, of Clarksburg, was elected president of the site West Virginia State Nurses Association at the annual meeting held in Clarksburg, Mrs. The principles should be taught in a program of preventive medicine. Using the posterior fossa approach, Levine et evoked potentials (the acoustic nerve) and of the cochlear microphonic potential, one patient had gradual loss of evoked potentials, and another showed no change in the cochlear microphonic. In the four remaining cases there was slight to moderate dilatation of the common bile duct.

In adults, chorea occurs during pregnancy and from unknown causes.

There is one point that I think Medical Directors sitting at the Home Office give little thought to. Sensibility and consciousness were unimpaired. Burggraeve: Ergotin and tannin, a granule of each every half-hour; cold acid drinks and compresses to the lumbar and Strychnine sometimes gives remarkable results in night-blindness, while quinine, in doses of ten to twenty grains daily, relieves either day or night-blindness.

Some individuals are much more prone to be affected by it than others.

Instructions which is prepared for the express purpose of giving to him a clear idea of the medical work required, and the way that the Company desires it to be performed.

He graduated from Maryland He served his internship at a hospital in Baltimore and at Charleston General Hospital, and a residency at Pleose mention THE WEST VIRGINIA MEDICAL JOURNAL when onswering advertisements Tiik West Virginia Medical Journal practice of his specialty sites of ophthalmology. Winn, MDf t Diplomate American Board of Allergy and Immunology Central Office: NWOKC Office: NWOKC Office: Cardiac Catheterization, Aortography and Selective Coronary Arteriography'Certified by the American Board of Cardiovascular Disease Diplomate, American Boards of Internal Medicine ENDOCRINOLOGY - DIABETOLOGY - THYROIDOLOGY Diseases and Surgery ot the Eye Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology Surgery and Diseases of the Eye Lacrimal Surgery, Dacryocystorhinostomy, Jones Tubes Ronald H. In the shorter-duration group, those persons not taking insulin were more likely to have retinopathy, while in the longer-duration group, persons on insulin had the higher prevalence rate.