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More important than these, from the theoretical point of view, are the cases of latent or inconspicuous tuberculosis of the tonsil, in which merely an hypertrophy of the tonsil or even no change at all is present. In this case the artery is compressed against the first rib by the subclavius muscle Ligature of the subclavian is, as a rule, confined to the third portion, or that part lying in the supraclavicular space between the sternomastoid and trapezius muscles; the other portions are so deeply placed, so thickly studded with branches, and so closely connected with such important structures as the phrenic and vagus nerves, the junction of the internal jugular and subclavian veins, and, on the left side, with the thoracic duct, that ligature is rarely attempted. Senator finds that in Berlin chronic parenchymatous nephritis is due more frequently to tuberculosis than to any other chronic disease.

' She was suddenly seized with dyspnoea attended with a convulsive kind of cough, which in less than five minutes from the time of attack increased so as to produce the appearance of suffocation. As to the bacteria again, we should remember that against the invaders through the mucous membrane, as well as against an invasion from any quarter, the interior of the body is ably protected by the box all-embracing net of lymphatic glands. Perishable or bulky articles and articles of food and drink that are harmful will not be accepted for transmission.


If the"authorities" cannot agree, an ordinary doctor, such as I am, need not deplore his Curiously enough, one subject with which many of us profess tolerable familiarity perplexes the world's hygienists as much as anything. Similar changes are found in the frontal sinus, the pharynx, larynx, and trachea. The longevity prospects are undoubtedly better for women than for men. In the course of a week, or perhaps less time, the strips should be removed and new ones applied, and this continued until the swelling has disappeared and the ankle cured, which generally occurs in a week or ten days: glucose.

The pustule presents a similar picture except that suppuration is now present at the mouth of hair follicles or' sebaceous glanas.

During a state of typhomania, in particular, the gravest intercurrent lesions But perforation, latent so far as symptoms are concerned, will sometimes yield one or more of the physical signs of peritoneal tympanites. A very satisfactory plan is to combine the exhibition of potassium iodide with mercurial injections.

100 - hildenbrand of Vienna published an account of it in a treatise typhus," but his account of ordinary typhus is so vague that it is America introduced it into our nomenclature. But in any case these movements seem to be incapable of transference to the receptive sense organ by the medium of ethereal vibrations, and direct contact of the odorous particles with the nervous organ seems indispensable. Recall - observer, he found no difficulty in cultivating this parasite when he added the blood of after an interval of three days, and underwent vigorous multiphcation, reaching the maximum after the tenth to the fourteenth day. The freedom from pain in and about the lesions is remarkable. The physiological limit of the acuteness of vision is determined by the fineness of the mosaic formed by the cones at the macula, and a, b and c the images of three vertical bars of a grating for which the eye is accurately accommodated. Strips - oranted that this is true, he concludes that in cases of intestinal resection and those celiotomies in which a portion of infected material is allowed to remain in the abdominal cavity, that the arrest of peristalsis is not advisable; that the administration of opium should be slightly stimulated by the administration of small doses of saline water and the bowels should be opened on the second or third day.

In the case of percolating filters of fine of material, if the liquid to be purified were free from suspended and colloidal solids, and if thorough teration could be maintained, the same statement made in regard to coarse filters might also hold good of fine bacterial filters. Assessment: Definitively diagnose by darkfield microscopy.

It leaves this third host either as a male, which has coupons no other task than to mature and to fertilise the female, or as a female to become fertilised and to replete itseK with the great quantity of blood necessary for the formation of eggs.

Berty and middle life, but signs of the neurasthenic tendency are to be found in early youth, consisting in a general mobility of temperament, oversensitiveness, and precociousness, and the occurrence of special nervous symptoms, such as insomnia, somnambulism, chorea, Still later, especially in young women from sixteen to twenty years of age, various other signs of nervous weakness may make their appearance, such as headache, backache, extreme and causeless lassitude; and these years constitute in fact a critical period, during which many persons are nervous invalids, who may later reacquire good health.


Generalized symptoms include muscular paralysis, difficulty swallowing or talking, visual disturbances and respiratory distress. New groups have been test formed as more has been ascertained of the members of them. The exact way in which all this is brought about is still imperfectly understood. We may assume that the reason why it has not been utilized as a food is, the presence of some unpleasant or dangerous principle. Under the bead of maternal conditions should be mentioned: pneumonia, valvular disease of the heart, and eclampsia.; accidents, such as placenta prsevia, accidental hemorrhage and rupture of the uterus; aborraalities of the parturient canal, such as contracted pelvis, tumors, and rigidity of the soft parts.

There is any such thing as syphilitic disease of the lung. Thinking people will readily see that the very study of anatomy, physiologj', biology, and of all medical and allied disciplines makes it impossible for the student to acquire or to retain atheistic views.