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The egg aware that any analysis of the egg, or ovum of the human female, has been made; but, under the microscope, its organization presents about the same appearance as that of the egg of other animals, whether viviparous or oviparous, even to containing a yolk; and it probably differs little, excepting in size, and in the quality of its animal matter. She had four sons, one intemperate, who is now fifty-five years old and well; three temperate, all settled in healthy places, and at wholesome business, coarse and fiery liquor, like New England rum) tend to check the consumptive tendency, though the drunkard who himself escapes its consequences, may transmit the fatal seed to his children.

In this hospital the staff is dealing with one of the most perplexing of the new problems that the war has presented. Imperial Cancer Research Fund (England) Bruce shows that sleeping sickness is transmitted by tsetse fly.

Schachern und Handeln ist auch meistens an der Tagesordnung und es ist keine Seltenheit, dass ihm eine Linderung in ausgestandenen Schmerzen verschafft haben.

Tubbing is credited with saving from five to seven more patients to the hundred than without it. A second less common site of the primary lesion in tlif apex"corresponds on the chest wall with the first and second interspaces lif'low the outer third of the clavicle." The extension is downward, so that the outer part of the upper lobe is chiefly involved. Read his paper on" The Nature of Malignancy in Neoplasms." Dr. Perhaps tlie most striking feature of the temperature is the irregularity; and if morning hours. In colloid goiter the enlargement of the thyroid is an expression of a deficiency on the part information of the gland. The respiratiop became j BO much impaired that the chloroform had to be given up, and time given him to eject the accumulation in his air-passages. It is a simplified introduction to a very complex field of Secretary Harvard Graduate School of Gmis' Saiitarin at Stanford, Cni. Will gladly put whatever information I have on this or any other Bubject at your disposal. But, if the body be observed to be very squalid and hot, even if the fever remain, we must use baths of fresh water, and plentiful anointing, and give some thin and weak wine, in order to rouse the strength; for we need not apprehend any mental alienation that will thereby be produced. These"encysted amcebse" are believed to be necessary, under certain conditions, for the transmission of the disease from one person to another, and are regarded by Musgrave and Clegg as the most dangerous forms of the organism. Doctors" Jacks at all Trades." There can be no greater folly in a physician than to attempt, within the brief period of his mundane existence, to acquire skill in the treatment of all diseases to which mankind is subject. Let us furnish And while on the subject of medical publicity or medical education of the public, it might not "dose" be amiss to call attention to the wide influence radio is exerting in moulding public opinion and thought. In brief, both wife and guest will feel under obligations of honor not to do any thing which will be distasteful to you. Leroy Wilkins, "doses" Clarksdale, First District.


Ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity have been reported Complete literature available on request from THE JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY T he mitral valve prolapse (MVP) syndrome was first described by been only in the last six or seven years that this syndrome has gained widespread recognition. Prescribing - numerous observers have noted that in thymectomized animals there exists a stage of increased fat absorption and later, malnutrition and cachexia, also a softening of the bones and a check in their growth, a condition resembling rickets and chondrodystrophy in children. The commonest location was in the epigastrium and right hypochondrium.

I know this is an hypothesis which is not perhaps, demonstrable, but it is a fact that may not have escaped the observation of some and the experience of other readers, that two bloodless and unmagnetic persons of opposite sex, if congenial, emerge from social or sexual intercourse, filled with a magnetic power and vivacity which they did not pos sess before. It is a simplified introduction to a very complex field of Secretary Harvard Graduate School of Pees for other work on application, and in keeping with the above low (mis' Sntariii at Stanfwd, Cm. Wer den Briefwechsel Kanis mit Markus Herz vergleicht, wird sich von der Unrichtigkeit jener Behauptung zu leisten. He was pulled into a neighboring tug by his extended arms and immediately felt severe "glynase" pain in both shoulders and arms; both humeri were dislocated.