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Of dealing with this disease often require the involvement of physicians specializing in general medicine or family practice, psychiatry, and subspecialties of pediatrics, medicine, radiology, and surgery.

Constant desire in the Associated Press to be accurutc, conservative aid constructive rather than to merely see how many lines of space can be occupied in the papers of the country.

While its strict application miglit occasionally prove embarrassing, should it become a recognized fact that a judicial inquest would BOSTON MEDICAL AND SUROlOAh JOURNAL follow eveiy death resulting directly from a mischance of operation or anestiiosia, it might"well prove a valuable restraining influence upon inexpert or injudicious use of surgery. In fact, just why an antiseptic should be expected to take the place of drainage is rather beyond comprehension.

Upon a careful examination of the chest, no disease of the lungs or heart could be detected, and, indeed, all his vital organs appeared in a healthy state. The patient became pregnant six months after the operation. This condition i.s a rare di.sease, as shown by the fact that there are only eighteen cases reported in BOSTON MEDICAL AND SUROIOAL JOURNAL arlxjresceus and lipoma simplex. The upper surface, called india the dorsum, is free, flat, and divided into two portions by a median furrow, linea mediana, at the posterior extremity of which is the foramen csecum or foramen of Morgagni. It is also po.ssible, without going into the matter vcrj- deeply, to consider the location of night lamps, and not have them placed opposite the doors of the rooms.

The work is eminently one for the medical practitioner, since it treats most fully of those branches of physiology which have a direct bearing on the diagnosis and treatment of disease: information. Autopsy series in the preantibiotic era frequently noted interstitial nephritis were often inadequate to exclude pyelonephritis, acute tubular necrosis, endovasculitis or actual parenchymal infection. The same destructive effect is made use of in cases of lupus erythematosus and also for nevus and other To produce this effect in all the cases so far described, the beta rays are chiefly employed. The affairs of the Society seemed in a period of prescribing change and transition.


So pleased was he with the effect of the remedy, that he now kept a dose of the preparation in readiness to inhale if an attack came on.

The clinic at the Yale-New Haven Hospital offers a program of care oriented toward maintaining the child in his home and integrating him into a regular classroom setting. Trees of Sterculiacese, comprising numerous capsules species, distributed in tropic regions of the world. Its occurrence depends on interference with the sensory neurons. Brittan to him as the supposed' cholera bodies.' No sooner were these bodies subjected to the appropriate treatment than the foundations of the theory which was implied, if not asserted, gave way. The tubuli vary in size in an unimportant degree in different animals, and also in the same animal, being generally from two to two and a half times the diameter of the secreting cells. Cellula'rum pyramida'lium, large in anterior corpora quadrigemina, beneath "price" superficial stratum zonale; also layer of gray matter on floor of fourth ventricle.

Shapter here presents a table of all the deaths that occurred between which really took place as above set forth, with a sum of the new cases, we in this are so slight as to induce to the conclusion that the relative proportion" When the deaths resulting from cholera at each period of life are compared with the numbers living at the same period (and which is the only true mode of arriving at a sound deduction on this point), it will be seen that during infancy its ratio is rather above that which takes place between the ages of ten and thirty-five, when the deaths are by no means numerous, and that, after the age of thirty-five, there is a considerable increase in the relative amount of mortality, but that its greatest proportionate amount takes place after sixty-five The influence of sex upon the course and progress of the disease does not appear to be very considerable. The latter may serve as a portal of entry to the deeper tissues of the wall of The intestinal lesions are often only of histologic interest and do not give to any symi)toms. It is rarely that more than one member of a family is attacked at a time; few nurses were infected while attending cases in hospitals, and the epidemic recurs only every three to five years in the same locality. The chemical examination of any urinary sediment should always be preceded by storage a microscopical examination, which latter is in many cases the only way of determining the nature of the sediment, especially of the organized substances. Although nearly all the faeces from that time escaped by the artificial anus, he still continued to pass mucus and blood with small quantities of faBcal matter per anum, and there was but little relief of the pain which he suffered. Fortunately the bacilli are so few in Pathologists are not yet in agreement as to whether the first lesion occurs in the lungs or in the tracheo-bronchial nodes.

I cannot but feel that medicine in general and the specialty of I)ediatries in particular are failing to measure up to their opportunities in relation to child hygiene, particularly along the lines to which of medical schools to teach the phenomena oi the normal in relation to infancy and childhnod.