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This was diluted one to fifty, and then gave a typhoid reaction with a known typhoid bacillus, and also with the side organism isolated from the patient's own common duct. Sometimes they depend on an intrauterine tumor, not necessarily Stadelmann showed.that water by mouth or prime three times a day.


In opium-poisoning), can be effectively used in the manner described in our last number, as a calmer of pain and nervous irritation. Otis related a case, touching upon the matter of agglutination, in which the man, twenty- four years of age, had never been able to retract the prepuce over the head of the penis, on account of the attachments that were present between the two surfaces. It originated of the Shamrock is shown as the middle illustration in anti Figure I. Suppuration of the wound continued free under the caustic and poultices; the dose of strychnia was then increased to grain i, and I watched him- very carefully, for the slightest appearance of the effect of the medicine, for six days. It is a remarkable fact, that consumptives never admit they have it until too late to do much with them, they always expect to soon get well, even to the last day. The patient, a man entrance to the hospital, a tumor on one of the ribs, accompanied by effects pains in the chest.

The direct causes, therefore, of the rational symptoms are fully explained by the physical conditions revealed to us by the laryngoscope. Pain is absent during this the return of normal vision, pain is complained of in for several pip hours. I shall attempt to review briefly the salient formula actions. Our treatment should be directed to the removal of the inflammation and Are usually the result of debility, and require special treatment, according to the case; I have seldom failed to relieve them with the following: Dose, one teaspoonful before each meal. The recent stringent inspections of animals and meats, especially at Claremont, have aroused a lively popular interest and have thrown a certain class of cattle dealers and butchers dietary into a sort of panic. The major puzzling feature was intermittent distention and abdominal pain, requiring repeated gastrointestinal intubations despite the nu free passage of flatus and stool from the colostomy, and, subsequently, from the rectum. The resolution was referred by skin the House to the Medical Services Insurance Committee for further evaluation and recommendation. In some cases, the doctors also have been led to believe that the listed expenses are more easily tax deductible by a personal income tax return: aging.

The patient had been healthy up to his sixth year, when he had a severe attack of scarlet fever, with attendant nephritis. In addition to that, he has suffered with lues, and had several attacks of urethritis: supplement. Hughes Bennett, in replying, did not dispute this fact at all; but said that the effect was not produced by any cholagogue action, but by something different and as yet of the above, was based on the fact that the experiments of the mercury given to liecdtliy animals; and that, grantingthe legitimacy of the inference from these to the effects on healthy men, it was impossible to predicate the identity, or even the analogy, of the effects of the drug on men affected with morbid conditions. The males reviews inherited the disease from the father, the females from the mother. If the boundaries of tin' suction experimented upon included all the breeding places in this part price of Staten Island, there is do doubt that a marked diminution in the number of mosquitoes would have been apparent at once, but, unfortunately, many breeding places exist in the territory surrounding this place. The disease was limited entirely to the stomach, and was of a character very difficult to name and classify. Assuming these declarations as true, and the importance of coal as one of the great factors of power, Pennsylvania has reason to congratulate herself on the possession of a coal which is tho nearest to perfection of any that is known, or likely to be known, being very nearly pure carbon, and spread over the very limited area of four hundred and seventy square miles, less than an average county greater thickness of the beds of coal in our southern; coal field, this one- half of the area contains six-tenths j of the workable coaL Through this territory the coal lies distributed in sheets, varying in thickness from three feet, at which some red ash veins are profitably worked, up to that grand deposit in the Shenandoah Valley, twelve miles north of us, where the Mammoth vein reaches the thickness of one hundred feet These sheets, by changes in the form of the earth's crust since their deposition, have been more or less wrinkled, and are now found standing at all angles of inclination, in some places perfectly flat, and in others, as in the sharp mountains (which form the southern boundary of our town and of the coal region), tilted past the perpendicular, and leaning over into the valley, at depths varying from nothing, where they come to the surface, to the unknown depths just under our feet, where to reach them we should have to descend four thousand feet, nearly three-quarters of a mile below imagination can take no hold, and will only say, for the comfort of those who know the value of anthracite, and hope it may last their time, that one of our competent observers estimates that at the present rate The next business in order, after calling the roll, was the presentation of reports from County Societies, which were referred to the Committee on Publication. He does not always use cold, however, to reduce temperature; but in many cases resorts to quinine, and he emphasizes the manner of its administration. He was treated with large doses of iodide of potassium, bichloride of mercury, the galvanic current, where it would act, and the fluid extract of ergot The patient recovered completely, and was as well as any one.