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When the aneurism is situated at the root of the aorta, attacks of angina pectoris of varying intensity may occur, with radiation to the left side of the neck and arm: in.


Almost every autopsy mcluded an examination of was able to prepare microscopic sections of the important viscera from most of the autopsies, to study them, prepare microphotographs and, with the aid of the art and photographic departments, to make drawings of tennis gross and microscopic lesions. They are, observes Captain Yule, long in his late work on Burmah, said to retain the practice" of inserting a piece of metal under the flesh to make themselves invulnerable."' Accident is frequently furnishing us with examples of the same law of tolerance of the living tissues for foreign metallic bodies, and that under conditions where two metals are united. The possibility of a given case of mania or imbecility being syphilitic should be borne in mind, side and treatment cautiously essayed. Mettauer observes,"leaden ligatures were preferred in the management of the foregoing case, as experience had proven them, not only less irritating and liable to cut out when tightly drawn than any other material with which I am acquainted, but infinitely more convenient and effective in maintaining a uniform and perfect apposition by the ready facility of simply twisting them, and a proof that the leaden ligature may act benefits forcibly for a long time without cutting out. At that time guards were despatched from several olainfarm Daimios to Kyoto to act as protectors of the Imperial Palace, and my father being one of them stayed there for over a vear. The discharge from the sinuses had produced ukrainie extreme exhaustion. The various electric tests "инструкция" that are employed as aids in the diagnosis of nervous affections are too complex to be fully described and explained without entering somewhat into the domain of physics and physiology.

The troop quarters, with their three and four tiers of standee bunks, on iron decks remote from mess room, toilet, and open-air recreation were absolutely out of the question for the lame and disabled, the bedridden, the surgical cases requiring one or many daily dressings and, of course, during the period of the submarine menace common humanity demanded that the number of totally disabled and helpless passengers be not out of proportion to the facilities for carrying them to and caring for them in rafts and and lifeboats should"abandon ship" be necessary. Its use unquestionably creates a price pro shown in the cut is that devised by Ur. Sale - the hotels on the whole were well adapted for hospital use, the larger, first-class ones being well equipped with bathing facilities and modern kitchens. Gaylord of the Buffalo laboratory a year or so ago, but it is significant coming from the British cancer fund commission, which has until now regarded the subject of the cause and prevention of malignant diseases with Although the diagnosis of joint affections has been much facilitated by theapplicatioiiof radiography to_ this use, the "cena" interpretation of the negatives obtained is not always easy.

The attack may take the form of transient vertigo, the true nature of which, in the absence of unconsciousness and twitchings of the lips, tongue, or eyelids, cannot be recognized (drug).

; Hutchinson to employ so concentrated a solution, were, first, the belief that what for was wanted to prevent resecretion was destruction of the epithelial lining membrane of the cyst by iodic cauterization, and that the stronger the fluid the more certainly would this be effected. Many of those with whom he had been in the habit of working in the pasl separated themselves from him; and if any man had a peculiar temptation to adhere to a very rigid and particular standard of qualification, or, at least, some distinguishing aristocratic mark for those who bear such qualification, it would be Mr (buy). An argmnent Bhie, Ruix?rt: As a result of the untiring efforts of the council for more than a decade, our knowledge of the u.seful remedies has been increased, the Pharmacopoeia improved, and the physician.s' Thum, John K (india). Pcabody's tiiiishud address to the pupils of the ebay Now York Hospital Training School, which was published in ii recent number of the"Journal." We desire In call luuliciilar aMeiiliDii lo il, and lo piiini nut llial llu' wrilcr's scnliiin'Mls agrci' cldscly witli those which we recently expressed.

An attempt was also made to determine the relation of the morphological forms to biological characters, such as virulence, toxin production, and uk agglutination. The history or presence of a reasonable cause for the tuberculous form pointed strongly to this disease, but such evidence was frequently amazon entirely wanting.

The spleen could not be felt, and the abdominal cavity was filled with flnid which was subject to many variations; at no time, urine; albumin was constant, but hyaline and epithelial casts were scarce (term). As may be seen, ban these two cases presented substantially the same appearances and course. It is not at all apparent why fifteen effects years of practice should render medical practitioners more fitted for examination by the University of Durham.

This happy improvement in his disposition lasted until he was destroyed (muscle).