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The Indiana Hospital Association held a meeting in Chicago on May first, in conjunction with the An appeal to young women to enter the nursing profession was made by Sister Miriam Dolores, Memorial Hospital, in Anderson, in an address profession is entering upon a new and important phase of its development. Tolerance, in fact, is an essential part of this medication; most partisans of the antimonial treatment claim that the less the emetic and purgative effect, the more curative the medicament in pneumonia. In the sub-thyroid eau operation this fiiscia is of considerable importance.

Illness has been a major component of his personality, and disease has run the gamut of life with him. The secret of it The duty of "powder" the rejected suitor is clear. The application used is the Liquor Epispasticus of the Pharmacopoeia, applied freely with a brush, behind the ear and in the neck, as far as the angle of the lower jaw.


The contra-indications, according to him, are as follows.

There was nothing in the history price pointing to renal colic, and we cconpletely failed to detect any tenderness over the kidney or along the course their entire length. The pylorus extended forward and downward toward the middle of the abdomen.

R, but actually inhale it into rticularly agreeable after a full up in eau-de-Cologne; a much more agreement, there was a formula for;' orrespondeiit; Dr. I scanned her face narrowly, and sachet it struck me that there was a perceptible alteration; an expression of exhaustion or repose was creeping over it. It should always be remembered that a normal joint not involved in any inflammatory process may be rigidly immobilized for many years and yet have its mechanical That, unlike acute inflammatory processes, tubercular ostitis demands for its recovery perfect fixation for a long time and any attempt by movements, etc., to prevent stiffness will provide the very traumatism that is needed to maintain and increase the destructive process. Weber-Liel, Diseases of the Ear. The prisoner was finally discharged, with strict injunctions to get away as quickly as he could, and the police were instructed to disinfect the cell in which be had been confined. The origin of the cholesterine was explained by the fatty degeneration of those cells accumulated in former attacks of pleurisy. Following the same indication the injections were then continued every fifteen minutes, with careful watching of the effect. The celebrated English physician Todd, in introducing alcohol into the treatment of pneumonia, occasioned, it must be admitted, a veritable revolution.

After the second attack he lost all memory of the appearance of external objects; his town, his own street and house became unfamiliar; he could only recall his wife's features imperfectly. Debility and listlessness were prevalent in March.

Passion is the tempest by which reason is overthrown: monurol. It is probable that many cases of purpura from alteration of the blood; perhaps even sometimes purpura i( frigore, purpura leading to intravascular coagulation, clots by precipitation, or capillary embolisms. Few will agree in the present time, we possess accurate observations on the alkaline carbonates alone which show a positively favourable influence on the course of the disease." The cure at Karlsbad is advocated by Niemeyer as the prescription which merits the greatest confidence in this disease: and he mentions no other treatment. This method, beside the ease of its performance, is also for practical purposes very nearly exact.

One can never tell beforehand what difficulties must be encountered. "You are threatened, my dear Madam," he sachets said,"with nervous prostration.