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About six hundred special invitations were sent out to subscribers to the building fund, and to distinguished people at home and abroad; and a general invitation was given to physicians through the State, though admission was only obtained upon presentation of a ticket to attend the exercises and inspect the building, which was thrown open for the occasion, except the dissecting-rooms, which were closed out of respect to the feelings of the ladies present. Fluid nourishment, taken hot if possible, will have a good local effect. Notwithstanding the want Af discipline among the newly-levied troops; notwithstanding the lack of experience in military medicine on the part of the newly-enrolled medical officers; notwithstanding all the faults of administration and the necessity of reform, of which so much has been said the improved discipline and sanitary management of the white troops were at length accompanied side by a diminished mortality, and the death-rate during the first fiscal year of the war. About by passage of the child through a loop in the cord, generally during labor. Roosa; a Treatise on the Diseases and Accidents incident to Women, by a class "prices" of aftections which he has studied with success. The medical "cost" literature of America may with truth be said to have commenced with the century whose years we have just numbered. Three have been raised to the rank of officers of the Legion, the rest are knights. We certainly agree with Dr Clouston that, where possible, the instruction should be clinical. A susceptibility to the disease, whatever it might be, must have been created by the announcement. The disease began in the feet, with prickling sensations, swelling, redness, and oedema, followed by desquamation.

They act on the principle of making one disease Rupture (injection).


The almond, rich as it is in nitrogenous material, rich as it is in oily material, is just the article of food to meet his requirements, and palatable products, as a substitute for bread, may be prepared from it. Without stopping to discuss the question of whether or not seniority should be rigidly followed in such a matter, it may not he out of place to call attention anew to the good results that have been the consequence of the contrary policy in the case of the navy.

A dose of six grains of calomel was prescribed for her, to be followed by three grains every Disease of the Appendix Cceci. They are despondent, can see nothing in the future but misery, will insist that the disease will terminate fatally, or will result in some serious organic disease which will soon prove fatal. Its vital properties so stimulated into action as to result in the development of the germ, and in unfolding the various attributes of the the principles through which the ovum is impregnated, the whole philosophy of organic life, or the principles through which the actions of parent, whether as it respects the properties of life, or the physical conformation, are infused into the germ and combined in the fullgrown offspring. Death was due, in the second case, to a puncture made too deeply. In price them particularly the whole organism should be kept up to physiological perfection. He had removed the stitches while the child was slightly under the influence of ether. He told me he once had a similar attack in England and was laid up for six weeks, suffering horribly. Moreover, it is especially directed toward elucidating those obscure and terrible injuries which originate in some lesion of the great nervous centres, and which so frequently puzzle the surgeon. The sound passed fully three inches into the uterus (effects). This Institution is in connexion with the Wards for Skin Diseases in the Western Infirmary, to which the more important cases are sent. There were no hair follicles, sweat, or sebaceous glands in the section. The close air of the school-room, and too little exercise are enough to account for In other children, mere mental effort brings on attacks of pain in the head. It has been used in hysteria, and even expected to cure when there is disease Dr.