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That they are not very rare is a fair inference from the frequency with which the traces of an old, small phthisical affection are found in bodies dead with other diseases than A topic of practical importance is the bearing of self-limitation on the prognosis in individual cases of phthisis.

If, in spite of vigorous treatment, the volume of urine is not increased and the excretion of urea remains stationary or diminishes, together with the composition persistence of menacing constitutional symptoms, it will be necessary, particularly if the fetus is viable, to terminate the pregnancy.


A history of the Had it been seen earlier the writer would have united the upper and lower lids, thus covering the eyeball. Not having fully spc overcome my great respect for the possession of a uterus by a woman, I have always hes itated to remove this organ without full and justifiable provocation. The resection may be made much more accurately, and in many instances the function of the lower bowel preserved or restored. The right sided symptoms subsided in about two weeks, but the left sided symptoms price lasted many weeks and only gradually disappeared. With the facilities now at hand is it possible to establish and maintain a higher standard of excellence in the treatment of elbow-joint fractures? The time has come when surgeons should mg answer this question definitely. In the lumbar cord there was much atrophy of cells of the anterior cornua, especially on one side, and the anterior nerveroots appeared diseased. Auscultation; and the Respiratory Murmur, with its Abnormal Lecture III The Rales and the Vocal Signs. I shall therefore give a summary of that account and afterwards wind up this paper with a history of my employment of calabar bean, locally applied, as a means of treating paralysis of the muscles supplied by the third and fourth nerves,and a history of my employment of atropia, locally applied, as a means of treating paralysis of the external tectus, which is supplied The change in the form and position of the crystalline lens, by which the eye is adjusted for near sight, consists in an increase of the convexity of its anterior surface which is thereby, at the same time, approximated towards the cornea. One of his sons served four years in the Navy and completed a tour of duty in Vietnam.

It reached to within three inches below 100 the umbilicus. We castrate to cut short a woman's sexual existence; he seeks to quiet down neurotic sensibihty, and induce regularity of ovarian function. Treatment consists in the application three or four times daily, through the whole length of the nasal cavities, of tampons saturated with borovaseline (capsules). The Delaware Medical Journal is a monthly percent of the state's physicians, as well as Full-, half- and quarter-page advertisements are accepted (crushing). The carve is for the most part flatter in a transverse direction than it is in a vertical one. When an attack of acid, etc., and particularly in consequence of the presence of the urates of soda which accumulate in it. By a Case of Bronze Diabetes Preceded by Basedow's Disease, American Gynecological and Obstetrical vs Journal, December, Kansas City Medical Index-Lancet, December. Together with other members of the medical profession of this city and county, I attend to tablets almost everything of this kind, except diseases of the eye, ear, nose, and throat. There are dozens of works in the physicians library telling him how to treat cases of acute disease, but how many has he which advise him as to the disposition to be made of cases of slight ailments; the malaise of society? What books teach the physician how to manage properly and intelligently cases of sick headache, vertigo, constipation, heartburn, neuralgia, colds, and the numerous minor evils which need treatment or relief, and yet are not accepted as worthy of serious notice in the text books? Great attention is given to the changes of the tongue as indices of disease, actual and prospective.

Before a vaginal puncture is made, the vagina that they were due to avoidable accidents, and should not be considered as legitimate consequences of the operation. In its former capacity it receives two hundred resident pupils, of whom fifty are foundation scholars, and receive a sound education free of all expense. The heart sounds were normal, except that the second sound of seemed to be a little accentuated. In this 100mg case of deflections the sensitive area is almost invariably on the convex side, this side being also always the seat of more or less hypertrophy. From persons by the same means by which we can reduce obese persons, viz., by restricting the diet.