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It was thickly sprinkled with stone of a flat, sharp, angular variety. When fiber seen in the dispensary in December, he had attended school regularly since going to the country. The internal convex surface already spoken of in connection with the ventral portion of the splenial fissure, offers a suggestion as to the inception of the calcar which finds its fulfillment in Phoca.

Bowels nutrition have acted three times; the motions arc pale and lumpy.

The mucous equivalent membrane was much injected. The latter, since they indicate further change in the parenchyma, coagulation necrosis and breaking down of the necrosed cells, and also since they inyolye the inflammatory products in the interstitial tissue themselves, must be of later occurrence and probably due to increasing quantities of toxic substances formed in the badllary centres, possibly aided by the circulatory disturbances consequent on the occurrence of venous thrombosis. In a second paper on the same ingredients subject in Guy's Hospital Reports, Mr.

We no longer expect our acquaintances to imitate the transformations of the companions of Ulysses in the palace of Circe, no matter how appropriate such transformations might be. The effects of less drastic regulation have not been so clear, however. I did not accuse the man of rape, but of giving the child gonorrhoea, for I"w-as perfectly aware that it would have been impossible, from the size and age of the child, to have entered the vagina, and I am satisfied that gonorrhoea could be given by mere contact with the mucous membrane. In addition, external calories hent should be applied and complete elimination digitalis should not be given oftener than once in sis, eight, or even twelve Loura. Directory of Approved Internships and Brehman, George E., Jr. The patient is directed to urinate first, to wash thoroughly with hot water, then to first with the syringe one-third full, next with one-half, and lastly with an entire syringe full, retaining this in the urethra for two or three minutes.

Several young Surgeons, in particular, both in London and this matter, it was supposed that there would be several competitors for the prize, and the issue was looked forward to with unusual interest by the rising men of the day. The manipulations are performed under the guidance of sight as well as touch, and the cleansing of the peritoneal cavity can be more easily and effectually performed. The outer side of this tuberosity is rough, and is continuous below with the shaft of the humerus. If prescribed iu combination with eserine, the 1.0 sulphate of both alkaloids may be used, or eserine sulphate and pilocarpine hydrochlorale may be injected separately. Information - farre, and the associated sisters of St. Toronto UnlTerelty; Univenltr: Profkaaor of Anatomy and Director of the Member of the Amerleaa Orthopsdic Aisoeiatlon.

On the whole it would seem that acute gastroenteritis, due to this bacillus, is of rare occurrence, if it occurs at all. In acting with as a substitute for fat and carbohydrates, alcohol assists the aecumulation of fat. Science has lost the worthiest of her sons, medicine has lost a great master and philosophy a great thinker. The laboratory technique is so relatively simple and the results, if proven constant, of such considerable diagnostic value, that further observations on this point have been made. Naunyn which he gives in cases of diabetes whenever the urine gives the reaction for aceto-acetic acid, with perchloride of iron, and states that ever since adopting this plan of treatment no case of diabetes under his care has After a brief consideration of the pathology, diagnosis and prognosis of diabetes, the author discusses at full length the dietetic and medicinal treatment, which is perhaps one of the best chapters in this excellent treatise, and which will be found of great use to the general practitioner.