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100khz - but indeed it is of most importance, bow great the remissions may be, and the nature of each, which may take place between the attacks. The experience of Southern California with tuberculosis also supports the contention that intense dryness of atmosphere is not so important as it has been thought. Carl Seller, a former active fellow of the association. Hence in every disorder of the bowels, but more particularly in this, it is necessary, not to go to stool so ac often as there is a desire, but as often as there is a necessity; that this delay itself may habituate the intestines to bear their usual burden. The permanent officers of the ho.spital, both nursing and mecfical, must of course, be paid salaries; but the constantly shift BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL ing force, both of student nurses and of medical internes, if given gootl board antl lodging, are sufTiciently paid in the opportunitj' thus afforded for aciiuiring practice in their professions. The necessary exclusion from school during the most important educational years of the child's life, the disfigurement, and the dangers of spreading the contagion are surely sufficient reasons for rejecting the laissez aller plan.

The division surgeon and clearing company moved westward from their original position at St.-Vith to Vielsalm, where they handled casualties of a number of divisions blocking the advance of the Sixth Panzer Army. The growth was, therefore, not produced source by degeneration, as we had at first supposed, but was a true tumour, the particular form being Like most of such animals, this bitch was very irritable. Any observations of mine that would confirm Dr. Yet in spite of these vicissitudes, the theater medical service succeeded in completing its basic 1000w organization and some with systemic problems. Fortunately, here and there amid the embers of the Middle Ages glowed the coals from which we have lighted the fires of modern progress. When the animal was 1000 brought here it showed stiffness in movement, especially of the head and neck; the neck was tense and rigid, and seemed painful even on slight pressure. Exercises by movements of over-correction by extensions should be then employed systematically. Station and general hospitals were to transfer to these installations any patient whose condition, in the hospital commander's judgment, required unusually complicated or lengthy treatment.


Its first object is to take care of its patients. In fact, some of these were so minute as to be scarcely visible to the unaided eye, the bodies being not more than one fiftieth of an inch in length.

Pure nervous colic appears in diseases of the spinal cord, and may appear in hysterical form, which is not so very rare, and as intermittent colic, with as regular rhythm as intermittent fever. Dioradin, he said, had found enthusiastic supporters in Prance, and its use was continued here until soundtech a comparison of treated and untreated patients had bees made in England which showed that dioradin had no influence one way or the other. Both she and her vitamins husband seemed much astonished when, after could do nothing more for his wife than to relieve her of the leucorrhoeal discharge, and for which I prescribed some powders of alum and sulphate of zinc to be used in vaginal injections. Human nature has great, veneration for authorities, and the young mind will readily absorb this poison, which is ever there good sound homoeopathy, as promulgated by Samuel Hahnemann; earnest study of the" Organon," and of Hahnemann's" Materia Medica Pura," and thorough consideration of the same.

Now in regard to chronic arthritis it may be true that this condition is due to a specific organism, and it is certainly likely, nay more, probable, that such organism is constantly present in the mouth, and that certain patients are peculiarly susceptible to it. The head dressing was once reinforced. He not only conquered Satan for himself, but for every one on earth who will come to Him. In other words, we have reached our consideration of the of any attempt to minimize the extent of venereal disease. "'I'he uninterruptible electric induction current was also used with decided advantage." Tn the first case five months after the operation the patient could" perform place his hand behind his back so as to button his trousers, supinate or pronate the hand, extend the forearm, brush his hair and feed himself with a fork. The kidneys were enormous and violet in colour: they only contained two or 100w three little granules. Death occurred 100 seven hours after first examination.