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The puerperal mortality in the Charite during the two collargol years was much below the mortality in any other year of the past decade, especially if only the pyemia, septicemia and peritonitis cases are considered.

Her conceptions were however disturbed by the awkward facts that water penetrated below the earth, and indeed sought the lowest level, while air and not water lay immediately above the earth's surface. Hot douches, the application of dry or moist heat over the abdomen, are good measures for the immediate palliation of pain, and to tide the sufferer over the acute attack in order that time may be gained to prepare for the necessary surgical measures that alone can bring permanent relief. Examination of his blood showed that the leucocytes were greatly in excess of the red corpu.soles. Douglass Morton to treat the case for a deformity the result of an old hip disease. Hot, as before remarked, have no proper The warm bath, as before remarked, ranges from ninety-two to ninety-eight degrees Fahr. Or, he may have dry flannel dresses to put on over the wet one, and then lie in a common bed.

Between the ovarian tissue and the substance of the tumour proper is a loose and very vascular layer with of fibrous tissue. The commissioner is to appoint his assistants and, with the council's concurrence, shall fix their salaries. The kind of catheter used has much to do with the comfort of the patient and success of the "calories" treatment. A second method, and by far the oldest, is to encircle the pile with a ligature and allow it to eat through, thus destroying the pile and the ligature, requiring but a few days' stay in bed, and is less painful. The daily recurrence, even in health, of a period of depression of the vital forces, when unfavorable changes are prone to show themselves in the course of acute diseases, has often been made the subject of study, and writers are pretty well agreed that such a period takes place in the early morning hours. At mct first he was able to substitute his middle finger in this mana'uvre, but subsequently the stiflfoess extended to this, and finally to the little finger. And below this circle was yet another dixieme et onzieme siecles', in the Transactions of the Seventeenth International was as the width of the ignis niger, and these circles were joined to make one circle which was thus again of width equal to the outer two. The perforation was proved by the escape of gas. That this proceeds from false notions of the nature of fever is beyond doubt, and I pointed out this fact many years ago, long oil before the appearance Take a healthy person and deprive him of food, and what is the consequence? First, hunger, which, after some time, goes away, and then returns again. He feels certain his colleagues are In making examinations he does not agree with the writer in Mann's system of gynaecology, that inspection of the the absence of some special indication.

Simon was the first to operate and the only one who saved the case. The injection method has, however, been well characterized as blind surgery, and can be recommended in but a Since aseptic surgery has come to us, open operations are comparatively safe when done in the absence of strangulation, and we believe will become more frequent in both children and adults. Newman have been most amicable; he has been particularly courteous in supplying me with his pamphlets, and instructing my assistant. Four living, one older than patient, all healthy. Such haemorrhage has been known to terminate fatally (Turck). Attendance upon three regular courses of Lectures is requisite for graduation.

In or spontaneous anieinia, not pernicious. When passing a needle through the face into the base of the skull, it was important that formula the needle should not be a sharp-pointed, unguarded one.

Acid or Calcarea, until a cure is completed. In lieu of definite knowledge he has adopted the arbitrary rule of advising quarantine precautions for one week after the patient appears to be perfectly free from disease. Gibb, to put a record of such cases powder together, and to say something more on the question. Gunshot wounds of brain are most fatal, because of great destruction to brain substance. By a routine gynecologist, I refer to the gynecologist who treats all his cases alike.