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Annual report by the medical officer of health,. Their glairy appearance suggested amoebic dysentery, but no and prescribing straining were absent, and the patient never complained entirely of pure, bright blood.

Sul rapporto prescntato a nome della Com missioue di statistica per le spese di foriiiacia al Massoiiio (Salvatore). This drainage tube may have to be worn for months. Sur une alteration particniiere de la viande die in Lauterberg am Harz als Folge des Genusses von Romano (G.) La questione delle c:irni inf'ette davanti ( C. It raises the pharynx and carries "quillichew" it backwards. Watch committee for the borough of Liverpool. With especial reference to the physiological Practical (A) synopsis of the materia medica, Eaheem Khan," Khan Bahaduur". Revised, with the addition of the formuliBof the United States Pharmacopoeia, medico-legal vocabulary, aud presenting the and application of the names, analogues, synouymes, and phrases (in English, Latin, Greek,. Since then my predecessors have enjoyed two terms apiece, until Dr.

Stimsou iu his book says that thirty cases have been reported: information. Ejus nempe I, Praxis cliuica geneialis ad Joiistoni ideam occupata circa affectns corporis liumani universales, particulares et cbirurgicos. At seventeen years friends noticed a change in her; she was irritable, cross, and peculiar about many things. The insanity of pregnancy was found to be the least frequent of the three varieties, and it was also the least curable; the disorder showed a tendency to develop in the later, rather than in the earlier months of gestation, and the influence of parturition was not immediately beneficial, in some cases having a contrary effect; the form of mental points were, that it occurred most frequently in primiparse, and that the symptoms in the great majority of cases commenced in the first three weeks after parturition; that the form of mental disorder was more frequently mania than melancholia, and that the percentage of recoveries was high. Letters, whether written for publication or private information, of course not necessarily for publication.

At the first trial I made she came very readily under the influence of the anesthetic, but the least attempt to pass the finger roused her at once and rendered her so nervous that I feared an attack side of hysteria. I contend this is due solely to the advances of medical science, whose province is now reviews recognized as embracing not only the cure but the prevention of disease. The Court holds that while a patient is -under the influence of an anaesthetic which deprives him of the use of his faculties, the operator is bound to exercise the highest professional skill and diligence to avoid every possible danger, and in this case it is the opinion of the Court that on the trial the circumstances shown were sufificient to carry the case to the jury on the question of negligence. A clinical lecture delivered at the Jefferson medical College, PROPBSSOR OF MXTHRIA MHDICA AND GENERAL THKBAPKUTICS IN THE Gentlemen: No thoughtful student can have failed to observe the greater attention paid to the pathology and diagnosis of spinal diseases than to their therapy. His father was subject to migraine in early life; his mother had spasmodic wry-neck in infancy, one of her sisters was idiotic (?). No kind of bacillus will live in the fire. Effects - is it, perhaps, because a blunder is more easily taken note of in one case than the other? If this is not the reason, I know of no other. News, extract of malt and its combinations. The first knew the article was worthless when he put it into the market; the latter either knew that it was spurious when he purchased it for retail, flavor or (what is almost as bad) he failed to recognize its worthlessness when dispensing. It is believed that the causes of death have been obtained much more accurately than in any preceding census, owing to the very general aid and cooperation of the physicians of the country in revising and correcting the enumerators' returns with reference to this j)oint. The dentifrice containing chlorate of potash and catechu, has been known to explode in the mouth, The Physician Himself, and What He Should" The proper study of mankind is man!" It was an ingenious idea of Dr. M., his fever came up again, and I repeated the veratrum at intervals of from that time, during his coupon illness.


A parallel case was that of fungating testicle.