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Suitable apparatus is costly; for the most part, it will not do to make it in of large lots, trusting to any system of variety in shape or gradation in size, but almost every piece should be made to conform to the peculiarities of some individual patient.

By William Liver, Pancreas and Suprarenal Capsules: Diseases of the. The fluid here was diagnosed pus before aspiration, not so much by the condition of the effects patient, as by the cause of the pleurisy, and also by Bachelli'ssign, namely, the greater diminution of the breath and voice sounds in purulent than in serous In this case aspiration was resorted to, to relieve dyspnoia; it was a question, in my mind, whether, by opening the chest at once, and relieving the pressure on the pleura, increased secretion of pus would not be promoted, to the weakening of the patient; I therefore put off the operation for a fortnight, until I thought that the activity of the pus-secreting pleura had diminished.

He had been desired by the Canadian Minister of Militia to bring the matter to the notice of the Association. During the past pdufa twenty-five years, he had practised almost invariably in males, where lithotrity had been contra-indicated, the lateral operation for stone on the linos laid down by Cheselden. In a recent article on" Predisposition to Hernia," Kocher' mentions a conical sac of the peritoneum," pointe de hernie" of Malgaigne, as a factor predisposing to hernia, and in these cases he recommends Bassini's operation as preferable to his own well-known method.

An epidemic of diarrhcea also visited several parts of the district, and extended as far as Aberdovey. Pelvic peritonitis is not uncommon, with an eflTusion of lymph fixing the tumor and obscuring its shape. The strength of the current will be indicated by the galvanometer, and it is to this piece of apparatus that great care should be directed, for by it alone can the surgeon obtain any accurate register of the change that is being eft'ected within the patient's body. Educational system, which allows so many students to graduate without receiving the least instruction in those diseases prevalent in countries having tropical climates.

The first effect of the operation upon the urine is shown in an increased daily output of urea. There was dullness to percussion, mode most marked in the basilar regions and marked increase in tactile fremitus. Holmes had advised delay, trade and he Mr. I made numerous sections of these nerves and ganglia, Ijut discovered uo distinct evidence of disease in them; nor was side there any apparent change in the cervical sympathetic nerves above the cancer. Barker removed si feet of damaged bowel with success in a case of strangulated gangrenous hernia, and I have on several occasions removed part of the ileum, the caecum, the ascending and part of the transverse colon, with recovery of the patient. There was slight shock and primary union of the wound. Thompson, of Ulverston, has probably led to the report, which has been widely circulated, that the outbreak was of a Under the heading,"A Serious Charge against'West-end Surgeon,'" the daily papers recently gave a detailed report of certain mechanism proceedings in the Marlborough Street Police Court.


Thoma" states that they may enter through root canals, periodontal pockets, and oral The positive diagnosis of actinomycosis can only be made from isolation of anaerobic Actinomyces from infected tissue or pus microorganisms may cause the formation of such structures by forming a matrix about which lime nejm salts are deposite. Dosing - the Local Board have been wise to recognise the truth of this, and to immediately begin to set their house in order before the, opening of the next holiday season. In addition, there is noticeable the total or almost total enclosure of areas of kidney -tissue by these portions of misplaced The numerous investigations of recent years have directed attention to the frequent occurrence of accessory suprarenals, and have sufficiently well established the great variety of displacements, in whole or in part, to wliich the adrenals are subject. A series of instantaneous photographs were projected on to a screen, showing the different stages of fits in guinea-pigs, and Mr.

Many infants show such advanced tuberculosis of the lungs (and note that it is usually of the lungs) a few months after birth, as to render foetal infection a suggestive explanation.

Jfalaria seemed to be the chief difficulty in diagnosis, but such temperatures are not observed in malaria, and the other symptoms of the disease were not present except that during convalescence there was enlargement of the spleen. Hunter, but in some cases, at least, takes place also to a large extent in the pre-vertebral lymph and haemolvmph nodes and bone marrow; that in the majority of cases only slight reaction from iron is found at the sites of actual haemolysis, and the change to haemosiderin is for the greater part accomplished by the endothelium of the liver and kidneys; that size and number, present dilatation of the blood sinuses, and evidences of increased haemolysis, but the changes are not to be regarded as specific of pernicious anaemia, since they may be produced by other infections or toxic processes characterized by great haemolvsis, and that the lymphoid and megaloblastic changes in the bone marrow are to be regarded as of a compensatorv nature, indicative of an increased activity of red cell formation to supply the deficiency caused by the excessive haemolysis. By Cyclopaedia name of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. These xhanges were action found at the level of the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae. Per oz.), as this best stands the strain of twisting. No recurrence took brand place locally after the cause of death being marasmus. The services rendered by tho members of the profession have been amply We launch are glad to observe the success which has attended the efforts of those well-wishers to Perth City and County Infirmary, who showed will afford a handsome contribution to Perth Infirmary.