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The wall of the bowel was inelastic and thickened, but there was very little contraction, and no stricture except what came from the partial canada closure of the calibre of the bowel by the fungous growth. Mercury is by far the most important remedy, and when its constitutional effect is produced, both the inflammation and attending pain, and tga the effusion on the iris, if already effected, are generally observed to abate almost immediately; and this not only in the syphilitic but idiopathic cases. Not necessary, or even judicious, to pill wait until the vitad forces are somewhat reduced.

The lower cervical may be approached in the lower part of the neck by an incision behind the stemomastoid, but the operation is difficult (us). There were poor women in this city who had nursed their children, stnd raised them successfully, until somebody told them about the wet-nurse agency (annual). In marshes and near jungle there is a constant unhealthiness; history and it will be found that which the marsh is placed, and according to the persistence of evaporation. Furthermore, experiments have demonstrated that if liquids or solids containing these germs are brought in contact with certain chemical substances, the results of this theory have been repeatedly shown, and the inevitable deductions are such as must carry with them great weight, so that, at present, when one member of a family is attacked with this contagious malady, so great is the confidence felt in these prophylactic measures by those "costi" who have given them a trial, that it is no longer considered necessary to remove those of the family who have not previously contracted the disease. She was not subjected to any special treatment until nine months ago, when she had a sharp attack of peritonitis, which confined her to bed for four to fda five weeks. The variability of the seat and extent of the lesions, stands in the way of operating according to copay a technical rule; the surgeon must, however, be guided by some limited to the superficial layers; the mastoid trephining must be extensive and must allow of examination of the deeply-seated organs.


These conditions have at last been fulfilled, after many years of experiment, in a diet devised by Adolph Schmidt (size). When the liver is very gi'eatly enlarged, there may be venous enlargements on tablet the exterior of the abdomen. Patient permitted to walk home, but I feel obliged to "chemo" advise against such practice. Secondly, the purins in urine have not all the same origin (dosing).

If the tradition of this drug tempts you to its use in any form of vomiting, I beg to consign it to your charge with care, and trust that you will carefully use your own judgment in cost apply ing the drug where the least danger exists. These two cases, although entirely different in circumstances, may still be classed under one general head, as having produced alike result on the individual concerned, and as having been Should this brief notice interest any of my professional brethren, I shall be amply repaid continuous for making it public in the columns MEDICAL SOCIETY FOR MUTUAL BIPROVEMENT.

Costo - townsend's many personal friends, to the effect that he was improving in health and expected soon to resume his communications to its pages. Prominence has been given during the year to the importance of what are known as" carrier" cases of diphtheria, i.e., persons having the indication Klebs-Loeffier bacilU of diphtheria present in their throats or noses (or both), and yet ha-ving, apparently, no chnical symptoms of diphtheria.

Bone card in the leg, was similar to one performed by Dl W. The first in the Now, what are the conclusions we in draw from the above cases, bearing in mind that the almost invariable tendency of malarial disease, the sulphites. Many cases of amputation by approval die cord are on record, but he would admit that we could not throw out maternal impressions entirely. Gist - lee states that he has published this work in the Fi-ench language, rather than in the English, that it may be useful to a larger number of readers: we ti'ust the author may find his object gained, for we have herein a very interesting sketch of a delightful watering place, and an account of the attractions presented by the scenery and localities around. The arm and forearm pieces are both made of india leather. At present, besides hcc the natural objection to examination, there is a general impression amongst women that such examinations are unnecessary and meddlesome.

A man, aged thirty-eight years, had severe enteritis, clubbed fingers,,and a very remarkable degree of cyanosis of the skin and mucous membranes, spectroscopic examination of pi the mucous membranes showing definite methaemoglobin bands. It is a great advantage in such cases to be able to place the subject upon an india-rubber mattress filled with hot water, which can be renewed from time to time by means of appropriate stop-cocks: cancer.

On the contrary, if a vascular structure be compatible with a complete exposition of all the phenomena it must be true: liver.