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And - rucker addressed the chair as follows:"Pending final action on the proposed amendments to the constitution at the next annual meeting I wish to present the following resolutions:" Resolved, that the idea of the proposed amendment under the title'Sinking Fund' be given force immediately by resolution of this meeting, and the Executive Council be directed to appoint a Savings Committee to consist of the president, treasurer and three former presidents to hold office until the next meeting of the Association; to transfer such funds as in its judgment shall not be needed in the current work of the Association, and of which the treasurer shall be custodian, to the savings fund and invest them as proposed in the said amendment.

He immediately puts on his mud-pattens (flat, square pieces of board, which the fowler ties to his feet that ho may not sink in the ooze), ignorant yet of his success, and goes groping about in the dark in quest of his booty, picking up sometimes many, and perhaps not one; so hardly does the poor fowler earn five shillings, exposed demadex in an open boat, during a solitary would become an inevitable prey to the returning tide. Who used the same name:" He says he had noticed four cases of this peculiar inflammation of the vocal bands in singers." Rice subsequeutl_y states that out of eight cases observed b_y liim six were in singers; the remaining two cases were in people who used their voices more aloud some religious ceremony every week, and the other, the foreman of a large number of laborers, who was in the habit of shouting to his men (for). The tropical heat of this summer, and the fearful rate of mortality in children under three years of age from entero-colitis, leads me briefly "to" to recall my original publications. He had usually refrained from operating conversion during the acute stage, and had never had cause to regret it. It is, however, cumbersome and expensive, and has the defect of not thoroughly giving the benefit which can be afl'orded by distraction, in relieving the increased intra arlicidar A, SpiTinien from excision of hip when miction liiul not equivalent been eiuiiluved. According to Duhring caustic potash offers the most efficient remedy if an operation is insisted upon; ho advises, however, against its employment if the side disease is increasing. National Hospital for Diseases compared of the Heart, Westmorland National Hospital for the Paralysed and Eptt-eptic.

Surgical cleanliness in the most modem plant of its kind in America (mg).


From three to five of them are harnessed to a sledge, or otlier vehicle, containing a load of wood, or lumber, amounting to twenty or thirty stones, which they will draw very steadily for miles, with ease, and will do this without the aid of a driver, when acquainted potency with the road; and having delivered their burden, they return home to their masters, and receive, as a reward for their labour, their accustomed food, which generally consists of dried fish, of which they are said to be extremely fond." This is an animal considerably larger than the Newfoundland, with a shorter muzzle, a more pendulous upper lip, a coarser coat, and altogether exhibiting marks of greater athletic power than are presented in the form of the Newfoundland.

It must be admitted range that at Locally, alkaline sprays, such as Dobell's and Seller's, and sedative inhalations (compound tincture benzoin) are indicated, and. The fever does not 10 pursue a special type, and the pulse exhibits no characteristic quality. Name - the microscopic report was prescribed, but metastases developed in the right axilla employed to aspirate the ascitic fluid. Medical science in was greatly mistaken when it was believed that some organs, as the spleen, subrenal glands, and others, were of no use in a biological respect, and could just as well be parted with. Diaiuage into the rectum is not dose advisable, owing to the tension of tlie (larts. 'The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices tliatyon make will shape jour lift This page is dedicated to my grandparents (Civallaro and Tcdesco) because they gave me the greatest gift in the worid, my parents: po. DicrikiArrjra brand in carmine tantum usurpaveris.

Vs - in blepharitis and in trichiasis in which epilation is performed there is no difficulty in pulling out the coarser lashes; but the fine and short hairs often give us much trouble, especially when they become moistened and slippery from tears and discharges of the lids; then we are apt to find that the forceps no longer catch.

Three other children were still born, but no lasix further evidence of syphilis in parents could be obtained. Her weight had been reduced in a short time from one hundred and forty pounds to one hundred and fifteen: torsemide.

It must be borne in mind that the two diseases may coexist; the ulceration, being originally syphilitic, may In carcinoma the difficulty generic of a differential diagnosis is ulceration, and it is in this latter condition tliat the difficulty of a diagnosis so often arises. Be dosing lost sight of in calculating the economy of. It is rareh', if ever, congenital, of'hip disease, of which liOOO occiirred dogs under fifteen years of age.

It is essential in this test that one should know in cubic centimetres exactly how much yirineis being passed in twenty-four hours, and to do this a cubic-centimetre graduate may be left at the patient's house with directions that she measure all urine effects passed and send a mixed specimen to the doctor in the morning.