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It is also my opinion that many of the reported successes from operation in diffuse peritonitis originating from the appendix in reality have been cases in which only the right iliac and middle abdominal regions were involved, the inflammation being circumscribed.

I make but one puncture with the hypodermic needle, and this in the median depth of one inch, then carefully withdraw the needle until you are near the point of entrance, when you change the dii'ection of the needle and inject the right vulval edge to the heighth you wish to restore the perineum, and in a. Certainly some of the disrepute and prejudice which have surrounded it may fairly be ascribed to the incomplete and side inadequate manner in which it is too often done by men who have had no proper sargical training, and whose ill results serve to injure the caose as a whole, and to reflect prejudicially on the work of others. After regulating the secretions I ordered given her a teaspoonfnl of boviniue effects in milk and grape-juice alternately, strip of bi-sterjlized gauze packed with boviuine pure. For the latter purpose cold water is to be used, as already advised. One of the first results of university extension and universal education of all classes will be that everybody will wish to live by his wits, or, as it is sometimes more pompously expressed, be a'brain-worker,' forgetful of the fact that we all cannot be parasites! The world will support only a limited uupber of parasites, whether they be physicians, barristers, clergymen or artiste; as a tree in the South will support only a given weight of the Spanish moss. The mucous membrane of the distal end is dissected off with curved scissors and then curetted for about onehalf inch. The differences among them are not at all due to the time it has required to reach their present state, because all have had the same time in which to do this (aerosol).

In addition to the delegates and the two hosts, there were present singing of the National Anthem;"The French Republic," followed by the singing of the"Marseillaise";"The Lieutenant.


Marculf, heing, as Carte conjectures, probably the place where the kings used to touch for the evil. Kiernan includes all the lives lost in battle in the Philippines as well as those in Cuba and Porto Rico. If asked to try to restiain the movement it becomes much worse. This cell life and renewal is finite, and death is simply the limit of existence. Charcot states that the tremor disappears towards the close of the disease, so that its absence in this case need not be These three cases, in the order of the record, illustrate very ly.

Elsewhere there were no metastases. Now in this case there has never been any evidence of cardiac hypertrophy or of vascular change. Towards the end of this article, secondary carcinoma, carcinomatous infiltration from some neighbouring organ, sarcoma, fibroma, fibromyoma, adenoma, and non - malignant villous tumours will be briefly described. Our county society recently adopted a resolution, since concurred in by every physician in the county, pledging its members to make no examinations for life insurance companies for less of The Journal and also Collier's Weekly, the Ladies' Home American Fraud," the"patent medicine" and nostrum evil. He was probably the pioneer worker in the far east, who had set for himself the task of showing Mass., and in the Church of the Covenant, Brooklyn. It might be thought that the earth was giving a concert to the skies, with the screeching of locomotives, the whistling of engines, the scraping of plows, the creaking of presses, the measured thud of steamers, the movement of all the nations here united, with their many-tongued clamor, with the monster's breath exhaled by multitudes: a glorious hymn of work, accompanied by the waters of the Mississippi (zetonna). The appendix itself may become distended with pus. In freeing the tube an abscess was opened, allowing a fluid to escape; this was sponged away, the fimbriated extremity brought out, and ovary and tube cut away. Yet the foreign settlement, being sittiated on the fringe of a large native population, is liable to the epidemics of the latter. Exclusive Sales and Service In the Southwest for LIEBEL-FLARSHEIM CO. The presence of a tumor is not necessarily a contraindication to operation. Murphy, of Chicago, excited unusual interest on account of its novelty, and will make an epoch in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis if his deductions are should be applied to the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis just as to other local price tuberculoses.